2007-10-05: Fall 2007

Social Science Research and Instructional Council
Business Meeting (San Francisco State)
October 5, 2007


Campus Representatives: Ellen Berg ( Sacramento), Greg Bohr (San Luis Obispo), Ricky Blumenthal (Dominguez Hills), Jennifer Dyer-Seymour (Monterey Bay), Jae Emenhiser (Humboldt), Patricia Jennings (East Bay), John Korey (Pomona), Kathy Naff (San Francisco), Ed Nelson (Fresno), Stephen Stambough (Fullerton),    Rich Taketa (San Jose), Gene Turner (Northridge), Billy Wagner (Channel Islands), Lori Weber (Chico).

Guests: Andrew Roderick (San Francisco), Elizabeth L. Ambos (Chancellor's Office)


 1.  Winter 2007 Minutes

M/S/P: Approval of Spring 2007 minutes.

 2.  Travel Reimbursement

See http://www.ssric.org/updates for policies and forms.

 3.   2007-08 Budget

Ed Nelson distributed a revised budget for AY 2007-08.  To obtain Chancellor's Office approval, the Executive Committee had to make several cuts.  The newsletter and the student research journal were eliminated; travel was reduced to $15,000; teaching resources stipend money was reduced to $3,000.  For details, see appendix to these minutes, below.

 4.   Annual Reports, 2006-07

The Council's Annual Report (written by Ed Nelson as outgoing chair) and the Center's Annual Usage and Services Report (written by Lori Weber as incoming chair) were circulated and are available on the SSRIC Website at http://www.ssric.org/annualreports. These reports may be useful on your campus in explaining what we do and why.

5.    Workshops

Mike Reibel and John Korey presented a Social Science Data Base (SSDB) workshop at CSU Channel Islands on September 7.  Nan Chico and Patricia Jennings presented a workshop primarily on the Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) software at their campus (East Bay) on September 26. Lori Weber, Ed Nelson, and John Korey will present an SDA workshop tomorrow (October 6) at San Francisco State in conjunction with this business meeting open to both the Council and the campus.  Workshops are currently scheduled for:

Dominguez Hills, November 2 (SPSS Intermediate; Gene Turner and Kathy Naff)
Northridge, November 16 (SPSS Intermediate; Gene Turner)
Stanislaus, December or January (SSDB; Ed Nelson)
Fullerton, January 31 (SSDB; Steve Stambough)
Los Angeles, early spring (SDA)

Other campuses expressing interest include:

SSDB: Jan Jose, Dominguesz Hills, Pomona, Long Beach, Northridge, and Fresno.
SDA: Sacramento, Long Beach, Monterey Bay.

 6.   Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers

Representatives of campus research centers will meet at the Chancellor's Office on November 2.  Elizabeth L. Ambos, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Initiatives and Partnerships, will host the meeting.  Video hookups will be arranged for those not able to get to the meeting in person.

 7.   Teaching Resources Committee

Because of budget cutbacks there will be one $3,000 award for submission of a teaching module.  The committee will send out RFPs for this and for proposals to convert data to SDA format.

 8.   Copyright

M/S/P to adopt the Creative Commons copyright standard. See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/.  John Korey will contact Andrew Roderick regarding posting notice of this on the Website. 

 9.   Chancellor's Office Liaison

Dr. Beth Ambos (Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Initiatives and Partnerships) was introduced.  She expressed her willingness serve as liaison between the Council and the Chancellor's Office.   Discussion ensued regarding partnering among the Chancellor's Office, the Council, and the nascent Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers, especially in conjunction with Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) programs now emerging.  Several Council members noted that actual conduct of research might be appropriate for the Consortium, but would not be for the Council.

Ambos suggested that we might put on workshops for Ed.D. graduate students.  Council members noted that our workshops have tried to focus on training faculty to train students rather than on training the latter directly ourselves.   Ambos suggested that Ed.D. faculty are already well informed about research methods and data bases, but might need information on such topics as IRB protocols, GIS, and evaluations of community service learning.  Possiblilities for regional, rather than campus by campus, workshops were discussed.

The Chancellor's Office has set up a Website for information about CSU Ed.D. programs at http://teachingcommons.cdl.edu/edleadership/recourses/index.html.  Contacts regarding Ed.D. programs include Dr. Joan S. Bissell and Dr. Beverly L. Young, respectively Director and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Teacher Education and Public School Programs.

To help in planning future workshops, Ambos offered to work with us in conducting a survey of faculty needs and interests.

10.  Website and Related Issues

John Korey reported that several instructional handouts in PDF format have been added to the Website at http://www.ssric.org/tr/instructionalhandouts.

Andrew Roderick reported that a half dozen SDA datasets have been created.  Until a permanent location has been established, they will be housed at http://bss.sfsu.edu/sda/.  He will work with the Executive Committee to address issues, including greater consistency of format, regarding teaching resouces.  He suggested alternative ways of doing workshops, including short videos posted to the Website and live workshops conducted through the Web.

11.  Email list of CSU Research-Oriented Faculty

Ed Nelson distributed a list of addresses on the list that have bounced, and asked Council members to check the list and get back to him with corrections for their respective campuses. Representatives can log in to administer their campus's email lists at http://www.ssric.org/updates.  Representatives who don't yet have an account should contact Andrew Roderick.  Lori Weber will contact new Campus representatives regarding such accounts.

12.  Student Research Conference

This year's conference will be held on May 2 at CSU Long Beach.

13.  Field Workshop, Field Fellowship and Question Credits

The Field Workshop will be held this year on December 7. 

Field Fellowship and Question Credit pProposals are due to Ed Nelson by January 15.  See http://www.ssric.org/participate/field_institute for more information.

14.  ICPSR Summer Program

Kathy Naff was appointed Summer Program CZar.

15.  ICPSR Biennial Official Representatives Meeting

October 18-20.  Lori Weber is a panelist at the program and will have herecexpenses paid.  Ed Nelson and John Korey will be the only other Council members attending, and will split the $1,000 reimbursement. Fresno and Pomona will move to the bottom of the priority list for the 2009 meeting.  The priority list will be:

1. San Jose
2. San Bernardino
3. Bakersfield
4. San Francisco
5. Los Angeles
6. SLO
7. Sacramento
8. Northridge
9. East Bay
10. Stanislaus
11. Monterrey Bay
12. San Marcos
13. Dominguez Hills
14. Long Beach
15. Maritime Academy
16. Channel Islands
17. Humboldt
18. San Diego
19. Sonoma
20. Fullerton
21. Chico
22. Fresno
23. Pomona

16.  OR/DR Designation

In addition to an Official Representative, ICPSR member campuses can also appoint a Designated Representative (DR).  DRs, as well as ORs, receive usage manifests and are placed on the OR mailing list, can access the OR page on the ICPSR Website, and are eligible to attend the bi-ennial meeting.  Campuses with co-representatives to the SSRIC are encouraged to appint one representative as OR, and another as DR.  Do so by emailing Bree Gunter at ICPSR.

Submitted by John Korey


Revised Social Science Research and Instructional Council Budget, 2007-2008  
    2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-08 % change  
Data Subscriptions  
  ICPSR  $93,755 $108,457 $109,453 0.9%  
  Field $57,000 $57,000 $60,000 5.3%  
  Roper $10,625 $11,500 $12,500 8.7%  
Subtotal   $161,380 $176,957 $181,953 2.8%  
Web & Access Services        
  Berkeley $3,000 $1,500 $1,500    
  SFSU  $6,000 $6,000 $4,500    
Subtotal   $9,000 $7,500 $6,000    
Travel (SSRIC meetings, workshops, etc.) $17,000 $17,000 $15,000 -11.8%  
Conference & Meeting Expenses $1,800 $1,800 $2,300 27.8%  
Program Initiatives        
  TR Fellowships   $3,000 $3,000    
  SDA License   $6,350 $6,250 -1.6%  
  SSRIC Newsletter   $0 $0    
  Student Research Journal   $3,350 $0 -100.0%  
  National Study of the Changing Workforce   $550 $0 -100.0%  
Subtotal     $13,250 $9,250 -30.2%  
Total   $189,180 $216,507 $214,503 -0.9%  
Note: Percent change column refers to change from 2006-07 to 2007-08.      
Note: The Chancellor's Office agrees to fund the shortfall in revenue between revenue from  
  campus dues and budgeted expenditures.  The SSRIC agrees to continue its efforts to   
  maximize campus subscription revenues.  
  % of total budget
Maximum possible revenue from dues for 2007-2008   paid by CO  
(rates remain the same as in 2006-07 and all campuses subscribe except Maritime)   $152,107    
Minimum Chancellor's Office contribution (shortfall)   $62,396   29.1%  
for 2007-2008      
Revenue from dues for 2006-2007   $144,864    
Chancellor's Office contribution (shortfall) for 2006-2007   $71,643   33.1%