2008-02-02: Winter 2008


SSRIC Business Meeting

Cal Poly, Pomona

2 February 2008

Present: Kristin Bates (San Marcos), Stafford Cox (Long Beach), Mark Drayse (Fullerton), Robin Högnäs (Bakersfield), Jennifer Imazeki (San Diego), Pat Jennings (East Bay), John Korey (Pomona), Ted Lascher Sacramento), José Moreno (Long Beach), Kathy Naff (San Francisco), Ed Nelson (Fresno), Stephen Pollard (Los Angeles), Mike Reibel (Pomona), Stephen Routh (Stanislaus), Pamela Schram (San Bernardino), Gene Turner (Northridge), Lori Weber (Chair, Chico)

1          Minutes

The minutes from the Fall 2007 meeting were approved as amended. 

2          SSRIC Mailing List

The updated SSRIC mailing list was distributed.

3          ICPSR Conference Eligibility List

The eligibility list was distributed for the next ICPSR Conference in Fall 2009.  Lori Weber discussed the benefits of the conference, and John Korey mentioned new ICPSR resources. The Fall 2007 minutes were amended, replacing Sacramento with San Bernardino on the ICPSR eligibility list.

4          Action Items from October 2007 Meeting

Elizabeth Ambos will be invited to a future meeting to present an Ed. Doc. workshop.

5          Social Science Database Subscriptions

Lori Weber reviewed the procedure for obtaining subscriptions from campuses. This year all campuses except San Jose have subscribed.
Ed Nelson said we should write a letter to San Jose. There was discussion about San Jose running the risk of being cut off, though they have always paid subscriptions early. As John Korey mentioned this is our only sanction for campuses that fail to pay their subscriptions. San Jose representatives could still attend meetings.  Mike Reibel reminded new reps to work with their librarians regarding ICPSR access.

M/S/P  Send a letter to San Jose giving them a deadline to pay their ICPSR subscription or else their access to the databases will be cut off.

6          Proposed Budget 2008-2009

Lori Weber noted corrections in the proposed 2008-2009 budget to the SDA and Total numbers. There was discussion about the TR Fellowships, which nobody applied for this year. John Korey noted that three awards were made last year for $1,000 each, and the modules are on the SSRIC website. Mike Reibel suggested that we offer a course release for developing a TR module. Lori Weber suggested increasing the awards to $5,000. There was discussion about the merits of assigned time versus a grant. Lori stated that we should find out the cost of buying out one course on each campus. Ted Lascher suggested that we shift the TR Fellowship money to Travel. John Korey responded that we should keep the TR Fellowship in the budget because it is an important part of what the Council does.

7          TRD/SDA Subcommittee

Ed Nelson stated that we should give Andrew a list of databases to convert to SDA. John Korey and Lori Weber noted that SDA is useful for data exploration with large data sets. Lori will send and e-mail message to representatives calling for database conversion recommendations.

8          DIVA/SSRIC Collaboration

Lori Weber presented a proposal for continuing collaboration with Andrew Roderick, now with BSS Computing. She summarized DIVA, which facilitates sharing diverse types of files. Ted Lascher said that the proposal should be more specific. Ed Nelson pointed out that SSRIC data can be stored on DIVA, but that DIVA isn’t easy to learn. Andrew can provide faculty with a template for submitting material for DIVA. John Korey said that DIVA can take what we already have and make it more attractive for users. Andrew wants feedback from SSRIC regarding data and resources to put on DIVA. Lori Weber stated that we have nothing to lose.  John suggested that we create a Review Team. There was discussion about the “value added” provided by DIVA.  Ted stated that we the DIVA proposal needs to be “translated” for faculty. Lori Weber and Ed Nelson agreed to be part of the DIVA Review Team.

9          SSRIC Website Changes

The Student Conference in Long Beach will be announced on the SSRIC website.  Gene Turner suggested that we add an SDA Manual to the website.

10        Research Consortium

Ed Nelson discussed the creation of a consortium of applied research centers at CSU campuses. This would facilitate bidding for large research contracts and information exchange.  

11        Student Research Conference

José Moreno and Stafford Cox distributed draft flyers for the May 2008 Student Research Conference at Long Beach State. Student papers will be placed on Blackboard.

12        Andrew Roderick’s DIVA Report

Andrew Roderick joined the meeting by phone to discuss DIVA/SSRIC collaboration. He discussed options for presenting and linking data sets and modules. Andrew confirmed that he will create a template for faculty to submit data sets, modules, and other files to DIVA. DIVA is an “archival system with a search engine”, incorporating individual faculty spaces. The main goal of DIVA is to help faculty acquire and manage different types of digital files.

DIVA will “sit in the background” of the SSRIC website until someone wants to access a file. Ted Lascher asked Andrew what he needs from faculty. Andrew responded that he would like to know faculty needs for learning materials, gaps in teaching aids, data access needs, and existing learning materials. Lori Weber stated that professors don’t know what is possible using DIVA, such as integrating multiple media into course materials.

Andrew noted that DIVA is involved with the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI).  This initiative is designed to ensure accessibility by “bundling” videos with transcripts, for example.

Andrew has posted submitted SDA items.  He can convert up to ten data sets to SDA format with money left over from last year.  The content management fee has been lowered for SSRIC reps “thanks to John Korey’s efficiency”.

M/S/P  SSRIC should continue to collaborate with DIVA.

13        Field Committee Report

Ed Nelson discussed faculty fellowship and credit questions. Proposals are now reviewed anonymously. Six proposals were received and reviewed. The committee recommended that the Faculty Fellowship be awarded to Richard Lippe, Psychology, Cal State Fullerton.  The committee recommended that the Credit Questions be awarded to Fay Wachs and Stacy McGoldrick, Cal Poly Pomona.

M/S/P  The
SSRIC accepts the Field Committee recommendations for the Faculty Fellowship and Credit Questions.

14        Workshop Schedule

Ed Nelson distributed the workshop schedule.  Workshops in Spring 2008 are scheduled in Fresno (19 February), Stanislaus (1 March), and Los Angeles (date to be determined).

15        ICPSR Summer Program

Lori Weber said that we don’t have a due date for the ICPSR Summer Program applications. The due date is usually around 15 April. Information regarding the program can be found on the ICPSR website.

16        ICPSR Summer Program Remote Site in California

The Summer Program is developing remote sites. Lori has discussed having a remote site in California with the ICPSR President. There was discussion regarding which course(s) to have in California, and whether the SSRIC could recommend a course. Lori will have further discussions with the ICPSR President.

17        CSS Subcommittee Report

No report was presented.

18        Election of Chair

Kathy Naff was elected Chair of SSRIC for 2008-2009

Submitted by Mark Drayse