The Council

  • About the Council. Description of Council activities and governance, and the Council's history.
  • For Campus Representatives. Information intended primarily for campus representatives to the CSU Social Science Research and Instructional Council. Representatives can log in to manage the email list for their respective campuses. In addition, this page provides information on upcoming meetings and workshops and other matters.
  • Bylaws. The official bylaws of the Council.
  • Contact Information. Contact information for all members of the Council, and information about the Council's organizational structure.
  • Newsletters. Updates about Center activities and programs.
  • Meeting Minutes Archive. We have a fairly complete set of minutes going back to Spring 1997.
  • AnnualĀ Reports. The Annual Report isĀ prepared by the outgoing chair, and reviews the Council's accomplishments during the academic year.
  • Past Council Chairs and Campus Representatives. A complete list of former Council chairs dating back to the Council's founding in 1972, and a listing (incomplete) of former campus representatives to the Council.
  • Social Science Research Centers. Information about the CSU Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers.

Last updated: April 15, 2017