Annual Reports

The Annual Report is prepared by the outgoing chair, and reviews the Council's accomplishments during the academic year. A few points about the evolution of this document:

  • At the conclusion of the Council's first year of operation (1972-1973), Betty Nesvold, as outgoing chair, submitted a detailed report on usage of ICPR data. It is listed here as an "Annual Usage and Service Report," though that term did not then exist.
  • For 1974-1975, A. Jay Stevens submitted a report that was given over mostly to usage statistics, but also included other materials, and is included here as an "Annual Report."
  • The report submitted by Bruce Haston for 1977-1978 is the first surviving document in roughly the form used since.
  • Starting with 2005-2006, and possibly earlier, two separate reports were issued each year. The first, called the "Annual Report," was written by the outgoing chair. A second, the "Annual Usage and Service Report," was prepared by the incoming chair, and showed usage during the academic year by each campus of ICPSR, Field, and Roper data. Beginning with 2016-2017, the two reports are combined as the "Annual Report," prepared by the outgoing chair, with usage statistics included as an appendix. 

Reports are not available for some years. If you have access to either a hard copy or an electronic version of any of the missing documents, please contact John Korey ( or the current Council Chair.


2018-19 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report (Appendix: Usage Statistics)
2015-2016 Annual Report
​2014-2015 Annual Report
2013-2014 Annual Report
2012-2013 Annual Report
2008-2009 Annual Report
2007-2008 Annual Report
​2006-2007 Annual Report
2005-2006 Annual Report
2004-2005 Annual Report
2002-2003 Annual Report
2001-2002 Annual Report
2000-2001 Annual Report
1998-1999 Annual Report
1997-1998 Annual Report
1995-1996 Annual Report
1994-1995 Annual Report
1993-1994 Annual Report
1990-1991 Annual Report
​1989-1990 Annual Report
​1987-1988 Annual Report
1986-1987 Annual Report
1983-1984 Annual Report
1982-1983 Annual Report
1981-1982 Annual Report
1979-1980 Annual Report
1978-1979 Annual Report
1977-1978 Annual Report
1976-1977 Annual Report
1975-1976 Annual Report
1974-1975 Annual Report

ANNUAL USAGE AND SERVICE REPORTS, 1972-1973, and 2005-2006 through 2015-2016

2015-2016 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2014-2015 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2013-2014 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2012-2013 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2011-2012 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2010-2011 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2009-2010 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2008-2009 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2007-2008 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2006-2007 Annual Usage and Service Report 
2005-2006 Annual Usage and Service Report 
1972-1973 Annual Usage and Service Report 

Last updated: August 16, 2017