ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research

The Social Sciences Research and Instructional Council (SSRIC) is offering stipends for CSU faculty to attend courses in the 2018 Summer Program presented by the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). The program is recognized throughout the world as a leader in providing basic and advanced training in a wide range of methodologies and technologies for social science research. Courses emphasize the integration of methodological strategies with the theoretical and practical concerns that arise in research on substantive social issues. The ICPSR Summer Program strives to provide a unique and supportive social environment which facilitates professional networking and encourages the exchange of ideas about the theory and practice of social science research.

To apply for a stipend, please complete the application by clicking here.   The application deadline for four-week sessions is April 8; the deadline for short (3-5 day) workshops is May 1. More information about the ICPSR Summer Program is available here.  Also, students can apply for an ICPSR scholarship by clicking here.

Last updated: February 18, 2018