Guns II: Data Analysis Exercises on Gun Issues

NEW: 2020

Author:   Ed Nelson
Department of Sociology M/S SS97
California State University, Fresno
Fresno, CA 93740

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Data File - download and save in SPSS system file format. (PSPP can read this format.)

Note to the Instructor: The data for these exercises is the 2016 Pew Political Survey that was conducted from August 9 through 16 in 2016.  The name of the data set is "pew_2016_political_survey_subset.”  You can download it here.

The goal of these exercises is to introduce students to quantitative data analysis using a Pew Research Center survey that includes a series of questions on gun issues and many other topics.  The 14 exercises include an introduction to the scientific approach, two and three variable data analysis, and writing research reports.  The data are weighted to make the sample better represent the population from which the same was drawn.  Statistical analysis is limited to descriptive statistics, crosstabulation, Chi Square, and measures of association.  The focus of these exercises is on exploring why respondents have different views on protecting or controlling gun ownership.  Users have permission to use these exercises and the data set and to revise them to fit their needs.