2012-09-28: Fall 2012

Minutes, SSRIC Meeting, Friday, September 28, 2012

9:02 AM, Call to order & introductions

Those attending in person: Rhonda Dugan (Bakersfield), Matt Jarvis (Fullerton), John Korey (At Large), Greg Bohr (San Luis Obispo), John Menary (Dominguez Hills), Billy Wagner (Channel Islands), Annie Whitmore (Dominguez Hills)

Those attending online: Kristine Bates (San Marcos), Ed Nelson (Fresno), Francis Neely (SFSU), Josh Meisel (Humboldt), Lori Weber (Chico), Stafford Cox (Long Beach), Carl Stempel (East Bay), Ali Modarres (Los Angeles), Rich Taketa (San Jose), Gerard Wellman (Stanislaus)

Minutes shall be recorded by Billy Wagner (Channel Islands) since Matt Jarvis (Fullerton) responded that he is unable to read his own handwriting.

Reminder to maintain & update campus e-mail lists @SSRIC.org

Reminder to update SSRIC roster with correct representative information

Three campuses: San Diego, San Bernardino, & San Jose have NOT yet paid their SSRIC subscription renewal fees.

Database utilization: discussion about the increases and decreases at campuses across the system.

SSRIC budget discussion: Resources need to be augmented to maintain a successful SSRIC student
conference.  In the past 5 years, the C.O.’s proportion of the SSRIC budget support has dropped from
about one-third to less than 6%.

Workshops: the Powerpoints are available on the SSRIC website and can be adapted and used on campuses by representatives and others.  There are SSRIC presenters available from Los Angeles to Humboldt and are available to minimize travel to offer workshops.  The SPSS workshop is the most popular. 

Field Fellowship applications are due April 15th; Ed Nelson will send announcements after the first of the year.

Technical resources made available on the SSRIC website:  ssric.org/tr/links

The winter SSRIC meeting will be held entirely online and will be facilitated by Ed Nelson with Rhonda Dugan (Chair), from Fresno: Friday, February 8, 2013.

Lori Weber (Chico) reminded us about the ICPSR student paper competition, student summer internship, and other resources available from ICPSR.  The importance of SSRIC having a member on the ICPSR was discussed (4-year term): 3 meetings per year (2-day meetings): Oct, Mar, June.  Travel expenses are covered by ICPSR.

Andrew reported that he was able to change the SSRIC website interface so that e-mails can be copied & pasted into an external e-mail program.

Re: student conference.  Ali Modarres (Los Angeles) suggested that announcements were helpful in advance for the student conference and working with chairs and faculty directly as the conference approached.  Ali Modarres (Los Angeles) also suggested that criteria should be posted for the
awards on the SSRIC website.  Food costs were a concern, and he suggests slight overestimates for future conferences.

Also, Francis (SFSU) will make the determination as to whether Thursday or Friday would be more suitable for the student conference (room availability, etc.)

There was a discussion about creating a new student award for archival research.  Rhonda Dugan
(Chair, Bakersfield) suggested that we prepare and send out details about such before the winter meeting and we would continue the discussion and vote on whether to introduce the new award.

Survey Software discussion will continue at the winter meeting after Lori Weber (Chico) follows up with the team at SFSU and their report on survey software site licensing options.