SDA (Survey Documentation and Analysis)

About SDA

Developed at UC Berkeley, SDA allows users to do statistical analysis online without the need for any client-side software (such as SPSS, SAS, or Stata).

With SDA you can:

  • Browse the codebook describing a dataset
  • Calculate frequencies or crosstabulation (with charts)
  • Do comparison of means
  • Calculate a correlation matrix
  • Compare correlations
  • Perform multiple regression
  • Perform logit/probit regression
  • List values of individual cases
  • Recode variables (into public work area)
  • Compute a new variable
  • List/delete derived variables
  • Download a customized subset

A major limitation of SDA is that you can only analyze datasets that reside on an SDA server, and cannot import other data.

SDA resources:

  • California (Field) Polls
  • How to Download SDA GSS Data and Import to SPSS (Stipak, Portland State; PDF format)
  • Last Updated October 1, 2009