48th Annual CSU, SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium, 2023

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May 4th

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The CSU SSRIC Social Science Student Symposium (S4, pronounced "ess four") is modeled on professional conferences in the social sciences. The year's symposium will be held in-person only (hosted by CSU, Channel Islands). There is no cost associated with presentation or attendance, since the individual CSU campuses subscribe to the SSRIC.

We invite all CSU undergraduates and graduate students, from all areas of the social sciences (broadly defined) to present their research to their peers. The atmosphere of the S4 is very relaxed, and the emphasis is on meeting and sharing with other CSU students with similar interests. 

The S4 is a free 'student only' conference that allows CSU students to present research in a supportive environment! Students will present 12 to 15 minute presentations. These may include either quantitative or qualitative methods projects.