Spring 2020 Fellowships (March 7 deadline)

CSU’s Social Science Research and Instructional Council (SSRIC) is soliciting proposals from CSU faculty to place survey questions on an upcoming CALSPEAKS California public opinion survey. Each winner will be able to put up to 3 survey minutes (approximately 8 to 14 questions) on a Spring 2020 CALSPEAKS survey. CALSPEAKS uses random probability sampling techniques to survey a representative sample of Californians. Topics include: (1) electoral politics at the national, state and local level; (2) public policy issues pertaining to the economy, education, health care, the environment, immigration, transportation, crime, gun control, abortion, gay rights, taxes, and others; (3) media, racial and social inequality, political institutions, marriage and family, public health, and others. For technical details (sampling, weighting, etc.) regarding CALSPEAKS, see For, past survey results, see (at present, for most CSU campuses you must be on campus to access this site). The deadline for applications is March 7, 2020.

Each Fellowship winner’s will work with take part in a research project with the Institute for Social Research (ISR), who will approve the survey instruments. The faculty member will participate with staff in the development of the survey questionnaire and will take lead responsibility in the analysis and preparation of a report which may be issued under the Institute's name. All field work will be provided by ISR. The faculty member may also use the data for publications of his or her own. Research topics selected should be of interest to policy makers of California, be relevant for responses of a cross-section or panel of Californian adults, and be appropriate for the interviewing method used by CALSPEAKS (namely, an online survey).

Proposals should include a description of the type of project you would like to undertake, a review of the relevant literature including a bibliography, the questions you would like to include in CALSPEAKS, and your plans for the analysis of the data. CALSPEAKS is only committed to including 3 (three) survey minutes for each fellowship. ISR estimates that this would provide for approximately 8-14 survey questions.  Proposals should be submitted electronically as attachments (Microsoft Word or .pdf) to Michael Latner ( and Chris Den Hartog ( Please do not include identifying information in your proposal, but DO include contact information for all coauthors in the body of your email.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Latner (

SSRIC will also issue a call for additional CALSPEAKS proposals in September 2020. In addition, CSU faculty and students who wish to use their own funds to buy survey time on a CALSPEAKS survey can do so; those interested should contact Kim Nalder ( and Shannon Williams (

Last updated February 8, 2020