California State University Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA)

Hosted by the Social Science Research and Institutional Center (SSRIC)

SDA is a set of programs for the documentation and analysis of survey data. These programs are developed and maintained by the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program (CSM) at the University of California, Berkeley. More information about these programs is available at the SDA Web site. The links below demonstrate some of SDA's Web capabilities.

Each of the links below start up SDA's HSDA program. The HSDA program reads the HTML archive specification file (the "HARC" file) to determine which codebooks, datasets, and analysis programs are available and where they are located. Unless HSDA is being run in debug mode, the program then generates the SDA Web Application to display in the user's browser. The HSDA program can be invoked in various ways. (For more information, see the "hsda" entry in the online SDA Manual.) However, the most common way to start up HSDA is to specify the name of the HARC file and the name of a dataset specified in that file. The link below, for example, uses this format:

HSDA also has a debug mode which can be very useful while setting up an SDA Archive. If the program is executed with the word `debug' substituted for a dataset name, HSDA will check the HARC file for various errors and send a report to the browser. Once a HARC file is checked and debugged, this access to debug mode can be turned off. The link below invokes HSDA in debug mode: