2008-10-03: Fall 2008

Minutes – October 3, 2008 (DRAFT)

San Jose State University

Members in attendance: Kathy Naff (SF), John Korey (Pomona), Rhonda Dugan (Bakersfield), Pat Jennings (East Bay), Billy Wagner (Channel Islands), Stafford Cox (LB), Greg Bohr (SLO), Gene Turner (Northridge), Steve Routh (Stanislaus), Ellen Berg (Sacramento), Lori Weber(Chico), Matt Jarvis (Fullerton), Gilbert Garcia (LA)

Meeting called to order: 9:40 AM

1. Agenda approved, minutes from Spring 08 meeting approved.

2. The next ICPSR OR meeting will be October 8-10, 2009. The CSU has 5 slots, but travel $ is very limited. Priority list and how to
distribute $ for travel is to be discussed at Winter meeting.

3. Lori – ICPSR council update – still have the $2000 for CSU federation to support travel to summer program. Money for other single institutions has been pulled, so attention needs to be paid to maintaining this small amount for CSU federation.

4. Final Budget – subscriptions are in from all campuses except San Jose and LA. Those campuses are in process.

Campus subscriptions are to be raised incrementally over next 5 years to try to phase out need for contribution from Chancellor’s office (CO).

5. Annual utilization report - #s are down this year

Gene mentioned asking the CO for a once-a-year e-mail to be sent out to whole system with info on SSRIC services

6. Workshop schedule (Faculty education outreach program(FEOP) schedule): Lori suggested having template flyers or letters advertising FEOP up on the website so hosting representatives could use them to advertise their own workshops – **reps should send any existing materials to Lori for her to compile

7. Website – Andrew Rodrick joined for a little over an hour

He mentioned his new role at SFSU in a university-wide IT unit. Shouldn’t affect his relationship with SSRIC too much

Andrew asked that the Council integrate the collaboration with DIVA into the strategic planning session on Sat to determine how SSRIC would like him to proceed.

Lori is going to continue to work with Andrew on the DIVA collaboration – first task brainstorming questions for needs assessment of faculty

FRESCA – SSRIC is collaborating with the CO and others on the piloting of FRESCA (a database of CSU faculty highlighting their research interests and projects)

**Andrew asked all the reps to fill out a profile on FRESCA so that SSRIC is an early adopter/group in the process – he would also like feedback on the process

8. The DIVA committee was established: Lori, Kathy, and Matt.

9. Pat Jennings agreed to be the ICPSR summer coordinator (“czar”)

Lori suggested making the decision on the travel funds provision at an earlier time.  (Spring meeting is too late).

Passed: Pat will be chair of selection committee, with Executive Committee members as remainder of committee, acting on behalf of entire council.

10. John gave Field Committee Report

            Field workshop is Dec 12 in San Francisco (fees for SSRIC members are covered)

            Outside committee members have agreed to continue for another year.

11. Kathy reported on CO: Need to look for another source of funds in CO

Need to repackage and describe what SSRIC is doing

Possible contacts: Elizabeth Ambose

Develop a proposal to implement a tangible product

Things mentioned as in-line with CO’s initiatives: FRESCA, on-line textbook, proposed on-line stat course (in beginning stages), integration with MERLOT, Faculty Outreach Education Program

Faculty Outreach Education Program: suggestions:

Webcasts and other delivery forms

Types of workshops – perhaps about SSRIC

Instructional applications on website

Need better follow-up; FAQ page

Feedback form on-line to ask questions

Billy Wagner volunteered to be a part of the on-line stats course team – it was determined however that further clarification was needed from the CO regarding the intended use of such on-line courses.

12. Lori is going to develop a proposal to submit to Elizabeth Ambos regarding SSRIC’s purpose and potential role in system structure.

13. TRD committee report – no new materials were submitted for TRD; development of modules may not be most helpful resource. Other
potential resources – syllabi, smaller pieces of modules – this task was rolled into DIVA committee.

14. 2009 Student Research Conference will be held on Friday, May 8 in Sacramento. The business meeting will be Saturday the 9th,
from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Lori said she would invite Elizabeth Ambos to offer welcoming remarks again this year.

Meeting adjourned – 3:45 PM